Daily Trips

Messinian Mani

  • Visit the region of Messinian Mani and especially the villages of Kardamili and Stoupa
  • Walk to the old town of Kardamili
  • Swim at the beaches of Foneas, Delfinia, Kalamitsi and Katafigi
  • Enjoy the cosmopolitan beach of Kalogria
  • Relax at café Aquarela

Laconic Mani

  • Visit the villages of Neo Itilo, Limeni, Areopolis, Gerolimenas and Porto Kagio
  • Many sights are there to explore. Dirrou Caves, Castle town of Vathia, Castle of Gerolimenas, Cape Tainaro with the entrance to Hades and Cape Tigani is some of them.
  • Swim at Porto Kagio, Gerolimenas, Alipa and Kamares
  • Taste local food and fresh fish

Navarino - South Peloponnese

  • Visit the region of Navarino with the well known villages of Pylos, Gialova, Foinikounta and Methoni
  • Εxplore the Castle of Methoni, the Castle and archeological museum of Pylos, hike to the Paleokastro and Sfaktiria and visit the Wetland of Gialova with some unique species of birds
  • Swim at the beaches of Voidokilia, Glossa, Foinikounta, Methoni and Lagouvardos. Lagouvardos beach is also ideal for kite surfing.
  • Book a coffee or a drink at Costa Navarino Hotel

Archeological and Religious trip

  • Archeological site with the Ancient Theater and the Stadium of Ancient Messina
  • Monastery of Voulkano
  • Ancient Thouria – Old capital of the region

Sparta and Castle of Mystras

  •  Acropolis of Sparta and Ancient Theater
  • Archaeological Site of Mystras with the Castles of Mystras
  • Archaeological Museum of Sparta
  • Leonidas Monument
  • Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil